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About APD Support

APD Support is a series of self-paced, online learning modules to improve auditory skills from the comfort of home.  

APD Support is a private organization owned and led by Dr. Angela Alexander, Audiologist. 

Dr. Alexander has evaluated and provided therapy to hundreds of clients to help them hear and understand more quickly and accurately over more than a decade.

While in-clinic treatment is individualized, 95% of the activities completed in each lesson to improve skills are similar across clients.  The lessons provided in this program guide the client through a series of exercises each week to increase auditory skills and decrease listening effort.   

APD Support empowers the customer experience because it makes the auditory training portable, affordable, and available worldwide. 

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About Us: About Us
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About Angela Alexander, Au.D.

Angela Alexander, Au.D., CCC-A, MNZAS, graduated from the University of Kansas in 2010 with a Doctor of Audiology.  Angela's passion is in the treatment of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).

Angela was privileged to have been mentored by Jack Katz, Ph.D., a world-leading expert on APD. Learn more about Dr. Katz here. Angela worked with Katz for seven years between 2004 to 2012, building her knowledge and expertise.  Listen to her podcast here.  

Following this, Angela has worked as an audiologist in New Zealand.  In 2014, she opened her clinic Hear Better Audiology in Taupo, New Zealand, serving all populations.

She owns and operates Auditory Processing Institute, Angela is looking to train her peers in the skills needed to provide effective APD diagnostic and therapeutic options.   She aims to double the number of SLP/Au.D. professionals providing effective auditory processing services through the online APD Master Courses by 2022.

With APD Support she empowers clients to improve their auditory processing abilities through systematic auditory training through a series of modules.

About Us: About Us

What is APD, exactly?

The term APD [Auditory Processing Disorder] refers to a group of hearing disorders that result from the atypical processing of auditory information in the brain.  

Around 5 percent of people experience APD.  If untreated, APD can have significant impacts on academic participation and achievement and psychosocial development.

The APD Support recommends and utilizes Jack Katz's Buffalo Model for APD treatment.

About Us: About Us

The Buffalo Model

The Buffalo Model is a coherent approach to the evaluation and remediation of APD.  

The model was designed by Jack Katz Ph.D., CCC-A/SLP.

The Buffalo Model uses a battery of tests to diagnose and conceptualize a client's specific auditory processing disorder.

Each test assesses a different aspect of a client's auditory processing abilities.  Test results provide more than 30 indicators, which help identify a client's specific difficulties with auditory processing.

About Us: About Us

Angela Alexander, Au.D.

"APD therapy isn't rocket surgery, but it does need to be done precisely and with care."


Auditory Training from the comfort of home

Get your treatment journey started

"I was lucky because I was able to sit at the elbow of Jack Katz for several years to learn his method directly from him."

Unfortunately, there aren't many providers of this service. 

"Fortunately, the internet provides us with options to overcome these difficulties," Dr. Alexander says.

APD Support is entirely online, allowing participants to complete exercises at their own pace.

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