Our Program

APD is treatable. Let us show you how our course delivers auditory training.

The Course Player

Each week you are delivered a course that contains 50 minutes of activities.

Take note of what was difficult for you as you go along.

You'll submit this to us in a form each week.

See your progress on your dashboard.

This will help you keep track of where you last completed a lesson.

Monitor your auditory processing in your day-to-day life.

And have check-ins along your journey.

Online therapy includes:

Phonemic Training Program (PTP)

PTP is an evidence-based approach to retraining speech sound decoding.

Words in Noise Training (WINT)

WINT uses recorded words and trains clients in the basic auditory processing task: pulling speech out of a background of noise.

Short-Term Auditory Memory (STAM)

STAM utilizes an external app to provide lessons that systematically trains a person to increase their memory span.

Phonemic Synthesis Program (PS)

PS presents a wider range of speech sounds throughout the program.  There are 12 programmed lessons that start off very easy and increase in difficulty with each successive lesson.

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Standard Track:  One Lesson per Week

/ 6 months of access

Complete a round of therapy in 3 to 6 months. What’s included:

Phonemic Training Program
Words in Noise Training
Short-term Auditory Memory
Phonemic Synthesis Program
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