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APD is treatable.

Let us show you how our course delivers auditory training


The Course Player

Each week you are delivered a course that contains 50 minutes of activities.


Complete the exercises

You can complete the 5, 10-minute activities in a single sitting or do them once a day, five days/week.


Take note of what was difficult for you as you go along.

You'll submit this to us in a form each week.

Course Player 2.png

See your progress on your dashboard

This will help you keep track of where you last completed a lesson


Monitor your auditory processing in your day-to-day life

And have check-ins along your journey

Our Program: About Us

Online Therapy Includes:

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PTP is an evidence-based approach to retraining speech sound decoding.  


Short-Term Auditory Memory (STAM)

STAM utilizes an external app to provide lessons that systematically trains a person to increase their memory span.


Phonemic Synthesis Program (PS)

PS presents a wider range of speech sounds throughout the program.  There are 12 programmed lessons that start off very easy and increase in difficulty with each successive lesson.

Are we the right fit for you?


Great candidates

Adult clients and teenagers who are eager to put in the effort to work on their auditory skills are the best candidates for improvement with our program.

Good Candidates

While this program is intended for mature individuals, some children (age 11+) may find it possible to complete the training if they have a parent sitting with them.


Poor Candidates

We believe that auditory training should be commenced as early as possible and have completed in-person training with toddlers.  

That being said, this program is unlikely to be engaging enough for children who cannot sit still for 30 minutes at a time or are under 10 years of age.

We highly recommend seeing a clinician in-person or one-on-one through telepractice.  Find providers in your local area here:  APD Map



You have changed my life x

Enroll Now


Standard Track:  One Lesson per Week

$149.00 USD for 6 months of access

Complete a round of therapy in 3 to 6 months

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